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All religions are man-made. (or All religions are human-made).
"All religions are man-made" is one of the best key awareness phrases to help people begin to think about the validity of their own religious truth claims. All religions and all superstitions are fake (or made-up, mythology, wishful thinking, etc.) and are all failed sciences.

Ask the question, "What is religion?" It was our ancient ignorant ancestor's first attempts at explaining the nature of the world around us. Religious and superstitious beliefs all failed to correctly explain the nature of the universe we live in. Which is why all religions are failed sciences. The person belonging to another religion has it wrong.

All religions are cults. When truth claims are based on blindbelief, that is a cult. All religions are a danger to society because the allow normally moral people to think or act in immoral ways (while the believer thinks they are being moral) because they think they are pleasing an invisible friend (a god or gods).

Reject religious bullying.
Believers will act or will make many false claims ("You are a sinner," "Something is wrong with you if you don't join our religious cult, etc.) and try to coerce you to join their religion because they think they are gaining favor from their invisible sky daddy. This is called religious bullying. We are tired of religious bullying and hence our website. We urge you to reject religious bullying and religious recruitment.

The None Exist website was made to out all religions as fake and useless to society and to help provide reasons and support, to help you tell religious believers to stop being quite stupid, leave their religious fantasy and embrace reality.

Before the internet, there was limited access to books and videos concerning the arguments which prove that all religions are mythology. Today, through websites, online videos, social media, easy access to printed books and ebooks, we have scientists, great thinkers and regular people like myself and others, help defend humanity against all ancient (and recent) immoral and fake religions, myths and superstitions—all trying to position themselves as real.

Believers belong to an organization where their central teaching damns your humanity with the moronic myth of original sin. They are wrong. There is no such thing as sin. People do good and bad things but sin is a human-made concept. Knowledge is not humankind's downfall, knowledge is humanity's greatest asset.

Which is why religions are hatred of humanty clubs. If you don't join, they claim there is something wrong with you being born a human being. They are hate clubs. There is nothing wrong with being born a human, we are the top species on our planet.

Believers false claim and how we respond.
Believers demand respect for their beliefs and demand immunity from criticism because it's the only way they can get it. Believers want a one-way street. And for good reason. They don't want anyone to oppose them when they try to recruit you into their religious cult. If there is no resistance, how much easier it is for them to recruit people. Which is why all of us who can think for ourselves, people of reason, must no longer refrain from criticizing believers of any type from ultra-liberal to those with a fundamentalist religious belief including relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Believers make outrageous truth claims such as, "I know a god!," or "I know god is real," or "Prayer works!," or "There is a heaven and hell" and other such nonsense. With believers, my proposition is that we only talk to believers about their religious truth claims and talk about no other subject except their religious belief. I have never found one believer who can sustain this type of conversation/debate because they are trying to shore-up their Bronze Age belief and they can't withstand someone questioning their belief in having an invisible friend.

The Bible is filled with horrific morals and bad ethics.
Our societies have religious people who want us to live according to their rules because they believe they have superior morals. Yet, this is not true because the Bible is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of horrific immoral morals and bad ethics. All one has to do is open the Bible to be shocked at it's horrible teachings.

One of the first questions I ask believers is, "Have you read the Bible?" If the answer is "No," I respond by saying, "I highly doubt you have belief in god and you are simply going along with the crowd. Because if you really believed in a god, you'd want to know what your god has to say."

If yes, I respond by saying, "Shame on you for supporting a religion which devalues the human race. (Unless, of course, we join your cult and then you don't have a problem with me being a human being.) And shame on you for supporting an organization which is filled with Bronze Age outdated horrific immoral morals and useless ethics."

Believers claim they respect all other religious beliefs. This is not true.
In addition, believers proclaim they respect all other religious beliefs and that all religions can peacefully coexist. Again, this is not true. For many believers, they proclaim theirs is the only one true religion, so how could they respect anyone who can't see that their own religious cult is the one and only true religious cult? The person belonging to another religion has it wrong. How could a believer possible respect that? They can't.

All members of all the other religions are going to hell. How can a person who believes in the mythology of hell respect someone when the believer from another religion ultimately has no value?

Then believers claim they respect a non-believer's belief. Again the believer is lying because not believing in a religion, myth or superstition is not a belief. It's having no belief. Is there a name for a person who does not believe in math? No. Therefore, someone who does not believe in any religions is simply NOT a believer, a person without a mythological belief!

Then the believer will again lie and say that it takes belief to believe in science. Not true. Why is religious belief called belief? It's not knowledge. Science is based on knowledge and evidence, not belief. Here's a quote: "Science adjusts its views based on what's observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved." -Quote from Tim Minchin's animated 10 minute video on YouTube titled, "Storm."

All religions and superstitions are man-made. It is time that all thinking people leave the religious immoral, outdated, and false-spiritual fantasies of the Bronze Age and step into the moral, fantastic, spiritual, incredible and wonderful Scientific Age.

Start the conversation.
We created the None Exist™ logo to help counterbalance the barrage of religious teachings society has thrown at us for centuries. To this day, criticizing religious beliefs is a social taboo—a true conversation stopper. The None Exist logo is a conversation starter.

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Additional information about our site.
Each letter of the None Exist logo is explained in the About section. The Why The Logo? section provides more information on why religion and society are ultimately incompatible—the motivation behind designing the logo. The Quotes section provides quotes by contemporary scientists, well known intellectuals and myself, concerning the inherent flaws of religion.

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”Would you rather be fooled by religion or educated by science?” —Eric Kincade/None Exist Founder

“ I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F. Roberts

“Our religious beliefs are ultimately incompatible with civilization. It seems to me to be absolutely obvious that there is no future, in which nuclear armed fundamentalist regimes will live side by side with one another and manage to keep the missiles happily in their silos indefinitely.” —Sam Harris

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