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Contact: Eric Kincade, Founder. Eric and Steve Jones, Facebook Administrators. Eric is the Twitter Administrator. If you would like talk to Eric over the phone, please email us and we'll call you back.


Phone: No phone at this time. (If you are Sam Harris, please feel free to contact me through my other website.)

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Eric Kincade's title: "Founder," "Owner" or "A private person who made this logo."

(The above reference to Eric's title is a note to some students who made some comments [Spring 2011] on a religious university's news website who thought our "company" was heavily funded by a corporation. Sorry, guys. No budget here and the None Exist logo was designed by one graphic designer [myself], with the input from two other graphic design friends. And yes, all it takes is one person with a vision, to help make the world a better place.)

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I am looking for Twitter followers who (like the None Exist logo, whether you are going to purchase it or not) and who want to help make this world a better place by helping to spread reason and rationality via the None Exist logo. I am asking if you follow us, please consider retweeting our tweets which highlight our website.

The reason is this: If you retweet our tweets (which highlight our website) to hundreds (or many) of your friends and then some of your friends retweet to many of their friends, we will get the word out about the None Exist logo.

For your information: The None Exist logo is new as of November 2010. The least costly way to help get the word out concerning the new None Exist logo is by asking for your help with regards to Twitter.

Our Twitter posts will also include nontheist quotes and news, science news and sometimes human rights news items; but the main purposes of using Twitter is to help promote the None Exist logo. Thanks again to your for consideration to retweet our website tweets! Thanks!

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Typically posting our own quotes and thoughts, atheist (etc., etc.) news articles, websites and videos. Videos will include atheist (etc., etc.) lectures, documentaries and humor. I will also being promoting the NoneExist logo on Facebook.

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Examples. The logo should be crisp with no bleeding on the t-shirts. The logo should be easy to read on all apparel. The logo on the mug should be completely black, no fading, no bleeding, no double prints and should be crisp, black and the logo should be level.

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”Would you rather be fooled by religion or educated by science?” —Eric Kincade/None Exist Founder

“ I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen F. Roberts

“Our religious beliefs are ultimately incompatible with civilization. It seems to me to be absolutely obvious that there is no future, in which nuclear armed fundamentalist regimes will live side by side with one another and manage to keep the missiles happily in their silos indefinitely.” —Sam Harris

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